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Easy Ways to Save Money

  Building healthy money habits can take time. But like making any new lifestyle change, it's good to start small with things you can do every day. A 2019   report   compiled by GOBankingRates based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics found that on average, Americans spend $164 per day. This was across 15 categories, both essential and otherwise, such as rent, groceries, dining out, clothes, and entertainment. The report found that   millennials spent the most overall —$208 every day—compared to the other age groups. Gen Z had the lowest amount, spending an average of $92 per day. While some of the categories were essential, there were areas—such as getting takeout—where there was an opportunity to cut back on spending. Spending money for your basic needs such as food, gas, and rent are valid and unavoidable–but there are ways to lower your overall spending so can put more money towards retirement, a house, investments, or your emergency fund. Here are activities you can ad