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The retrospective season, which was driven by the reflection of a year, has come to this year. It's really been a year. Personally, there are so many reflections that I will pass this retrospective.. Then, while watching others writing, I ran into a retrospective like this. I really don't think I have done anything other than work or GDG this year.

Retargeting this year
I like selling first, so I'm going to start with reflection. The goal I wrote down is...

Blog Gatsby Transfer (Fail)
Create GDG Korea website (Fail)
Growing up as a Toss member (??)
Blog more than this year (Fail)
Stay out of the gym (Fail)
Yes.. That's terrible. That's why I didn't like to write retrospectives.

First of all, blogs stopped maintenance of the theme they are currently using, and of course they couldn't migrate to Gatsby. I often feel a sense of self-confidence while watching people who are holding two rabbits.

This is my fifth post this year because I rarely write. However, if you exclude 3 Google I/O reviews, it will be a single post. Oh, be terrible. Obviously last year

Now it is hard to write less than this, so next year I still want to write more than this year.

I wrote it less than that, so I can't help but say it's really great, right? To make a little excuses, there are about five posts written and written. Anyway, I haven't published it, so it's meaningless.

It seems that the difference between the mind and the mind is the cause of the blogging that has become a lot lately. My stress index was really high in 2019. I guess I was just trying to play and rest when I had some time. In 2020, though, I think I will have to regain my will while maintaining some mental management.

Exercise! Yes, it seems that the gym, where I also stopped exercising, went out for a month or three and never went back. Don't forget that the workout has been replenished steadily as we started running and ring feet around the fall. In the meantime, I ate hard and I am drawing an upward trend graph. Yes. I think it will be a healthy pig.

There is no specific goal right away, but the goal is to continue. Fortunately, Ringfit works well for me, and I think I can do it for the time being because I have made various defense policies.

And above all, health is the top priority! I had a bad neck joint this year, so I had to undergo manual therapy for a while, but it was difficult physically and mentally. Maintaining your health by exercising steadily so as not to go to the hospital as much as possible is your top priority.

I don't know the growth, but it seems to have been adapted. Actually, I don't know what to define as growth. Isn't adaptation a kind of growth? In fact, I think I grew up in that respect because I can only grow by working with good colleagues. It's been a year since I've just been working, but I feel that the range of influence I have gradually spreads over time. Sometimes it broke out, but there were times when my colleagues around me were very happy to appreciate it. I had a hard time making a really big mistake, but I think the experience was deeply rooted in my head and I was able to grow as a result. Some of you struggled with me, but I am still grateful and sorry.

I'm still lacking in technical and collaborative aspects. Since I'm focusing on solving the problems in front right now, I don't think I could have done much technical challenges this year. In the future, I hope I can focus on solving long-term problems even if I don't need them right away.

So what did you do in 2019?
Of course, I wasn't just playing with me!

This year, GDG activity was the most important part of my personal time. Even as a simple participant, there are more than 10 events that participated as staff, speakers, or organizers. Last year, despite being an organizer, I barely understood what GDG activities are like, but now I understand them well. In particular, the last two events of this year, DevFest WebTech 2019 and Angular Codelab, were really prepared and dedicated to the best of personal time. The participants seemed to have obtained a lot and the reaction was good, so I was proud and happy.

Google I/O
Google I/O cannot be left out of this year's GDG activities. It was my first foreign conference, but it was like a big water or Google, so the theme park atmosphere was impressive. I think I was happily walking around with the multitude of being at the center of IT around the world. Personally, it was fun because it was my first trip to the United States. I think it's a must-visit event. After I came, I also became curious about other events like Facebook's F8 or Microsoft's build. Please refer to the posting I left for a detailed review.

React Lecture
I have had several presentations before, but I think this is my first time teaching this year. Even though it was a short lecture of four hours, there was a sense of pride that I covered what I thought was really important, and the responses from the participants were also good, so it was a rewarding activity. However, I think it would be better to write a lot of this kind of content in the future because it seems difficult to do the lecture in the future. But I can’t keep it again

What I organized during this lecture was the only technical posting I posted on this year's blog. It was very hard to organize, so when I published it, the reaction was good, but I am still proud of it. If you are curious, you can read it here.

I think I've read a lot of books relatively this year. The book I read this year

<Bad Blood> (Recommended, funny)
<Functional JavaScript>
<Election, Pass, Rank>
<To this person who came later> (Recommended because there are many things to feel)
That's it. Of course, I can't say that I read a lot, but I'm trying to keep reading at least. There are a lot of books that I buy and don't read these days, so I hope I can read more books next year. Of these, <to this person who came later> will soon post a feeling of loneliness. (I'm writing!)

And, work
I think a lot this year that I was very busy with work. I changed my job to the current company a year ago, but the impact on work has changed as the environment has completely changed. The mood and the way the team works, and the number of people who collaborate also have a lot of influence on the way I work, but the most influential one of them has been the influence of my code. I think I'm taking it more heavily than before because now my code affects a lot more people. Of course, it was a lot dull compared to the beginning, but...

It's only been a year, but the number of products I've touched in the meantime has been more than ever. Each product has a different personality. Some had to make from 0 to 1, some had to make from 1 to 10. Another was a one-time project. Also, the tools and methodologies taken during the iteration process to improve each product were different. Thanks to that, I was able to experience a variety of things, whether technical or non-technical, and there was also a slight realization. Realize that any tool or methodology is not right in every situation. That's why we need to expand the breadth of knowledge and experience different environments.

There are a lot of collaborations with various people, and inputs come and go from place to place, so if you don't manage your to-do yourself, you'll also miss something. As a result, I felt a great need for to-do management and personally established and practiced management techniques, which helped myself a lot.


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